Do You Really Need an Attorney to Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

Hiring an Attorney Is Not Essential

You do not need an attorney to settle a small personal injury case. In fact, you might end up with a net smaller settlement after the attorney subtracts his or her fee in smaller cases. This outcome would not be fair to you; therefore, I do not handle very small personal injury cases.

Things to Consider Before Deciding Whether to Hire an Attorney

Before you decide whether to hire an attorney, consider the following:

In 2004, the Insurance Research Council, a research organization created and funded by the insurance industry, did a comprehensive study comparing the value of settlements people received for the same injury when they were represented by an attorney compared to when they did not have lawyers. The Insurance Research Council determined that people who were represented by an attorney received almost three and one-half times more, even after the attorney’s fees were paid.

Secrets in The Claims Adjuster’s Training Manual

It was revealed that the 1995 training manual for the claim adjustors of one of the nation’s largest insurance companies stressed the importance of convincing claimants to represent themselves and not retain an attorney.

Again, it is important to remember that the insurance company’s own research shows that people who have hired an attorney to represent them receive more money than those who do not have an attorney. Do you think the insurance adjuster will share this information with you?

Most personal injury attorneys will provide a free initial consultation. It might be prudent to take advantage of this free service to help you decide whether to hire an attorney.

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