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Insurance Company Excuses for Not Paying Just Compensation for Your Case

The Basic Insurance Company Thinking Goes Something Like This:

“The accident was not our insured’s fault. If it was his fault, you probably don’t have serious injuries. If you do have serious injuries, you probably had these health problems before the accident.”


Sometimes insurance tactics can backfire. Years ago, there was a somewhat infamous case where the claims adjuster reviewed the accident report and noted that the police report stated that there was a toy poodle in the claimant’s car at the time of the accident. The adjuster denied the claim, arguing that the accident was the fault of the claimant because “they had evidence” that the claimant was distracted while playing with his dog. However, the adjuster ended up with egg on his face after it was disclosed that the “toy poodle” was not a reference to the driver’s pet, but was a reference to a child’s toy that was found in the car.


Other insurance company excuses include the following:

The accident was your fault because you did not get enough sleep the night before.

Your brakes were not working right or, alternatively, you didn’t brake fast enough.

The insured driver couldn’t avoid the accident because the sun was too bright.

The [city, county, state] is responsible for the accident because of poor road construction or bad traffic signs.

You should have noticed that our driver was going to run through a red light.

You are lying about (check which apply):

❏ Your speed❏ Your pain❏ Your wages❏ Your health history.

And More Excuses!

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