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Finding an Experienced Attorney to Fight For You in the CDA – Spokane Region

Whether you need assistance with a personal injury, civil litigation or criminal defense case, finding an experienced attorney with a successful record will likely be your top priority. This is especially true for individuals faced with significant legal challenges for the first time. In that very stressful situation, it’s important to feel confident you’re receiving the best advice and representation possible. With so many lawyers to choose from, knowing how to identify quality legal services helps. Keep the following tips in mind as you look for a lawyer in your area.

1. Ask for Recommendations

The best way to begin finding an experienced attorney with a winning record is to discuss your needs with people you know. When speaking with family, friends and co-workers, you may be surprised to discover how many people you know can offer helpful advice. It’s likely at least one person in your circle can recommend a law firm they’ve worked successfully with in the past.

2. Research the Options

The task of finding an experienced attorney who’s right for your case shouldn’t end with a single recommendation, however. You should thoroughly research any legal service you’re considering, becoming familiar with law firm websites, individual attorneys and legal fee structures. In most cases you can schedule free consultation to get an invaluable face-to-face impression with no commitment.

3. Read Client Reviews

You’ll also want to read through the feedback provided by the attorney’s previous clients on the firm’s website, or third-party sites like Google and Facebook. Many attorneys post testimonials online, and of course, you should avoid hiring legal professionals who receive consistently poor reviews.

Need Help Finding an Experienced Attorney in Greater CDA – Spokane?

If you’re having trouble finding an experienced attorney in the Couer d’Alene – Spokane region, give Bendell Law Firm a call. James Bendell has over 35 years’ experience representing local clients, and can expertly assist with most personal injury, civil litigation and criminal defense cases. Call today with questions or to schedule a risk-free initial consultation.

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