1. Feel free to interview more than one attorney.

2. Don’t hire an attorney who rushes you to sign a fee agreement
without fully explaining the terms of the fee agreement.

3. Do not hire an attorney who does not have significant
trial experience.

4. Try to find an attorney who has not only represented injured
persons but has, in the past, represented insurance companies in
injury cases. An attorney who has represented insurance companies
has obtained unique insight into the way that claims adjusters
and defense attorneys think and the way they evaluate claims.

5. Beware of any attorney who contacts you in writing just after you
have had an accident, for the sole purpose of soliciting your case.
If you are contacted “cold,” it should be for the purpose of providing
you with free information. “Cold contacts” do not violate the
Bar rules, but they are not helpful if they do not provide useful

6. Avoid any attorney who refers you to specific doctors for treatment.
Except in the case of very narrow specialties, juries are suspect of
treatment provided by doctors chosen by an attorney.

7. Find out if the attorney belongs to the Idaho Trial Lawyers
Association or Washington State Association for Justice.

8. Ask if the attorney’s background includes working as a judge.
Once you have chosen an attorney, make sure you understand how
your relationship with your attorney will work.

Will your attorney send you all documents generated or received by
his office? Can you contact her by e-mail so as to avoid “telephone
tag”? Ask your attorney to explain the amount of time the completion
of the case is likely to take.

Make sure you are fully informed about the identity of the persons
who will be working on your case.